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A little bit about yours truly...

    Dixie Laite was born in a log cabin she built with her own two hands. She walked 20 miles to school, through the snow, uphill, 7 days a week, all year long.  Dixie knew failure at an early age when everyone was maddeningly underwhelmed when she invented electricity by flying a kite.  (Sadly,  it’d been discovered before.) Undeterred, she persevered and as a teenager she invented many new and useful things, including a dazzling array of reasons why 1) she cannot come to school today, and 2) you cannot get to third base.

     Okay, all the above is a lie (except for the hooky and third base parts). Dixie’s legal first name is Sarah, she was born in a hospital on Miami Beach, and spent her early years watching 30s movies and working at a variety of jobs including making hot dogs at the Orange Bowl and running a mechanical bull at a cowboy bar in Ft. Lauderdale (where if she didn’t care for a fella, he could just kiss his testes goodbye). She attended the University of Pennsylvania, studying philosophy, history and theology (where the BIG money is).


     After moving to New York City, Dixie taught second grade in Harlem and the South Bronx, became a bodybuilder and personal trainer, and went on to become National Project Director for Thirteen/WNET’s National Teacher Training Institute, working with over 50 public television stations across the United States.  Passionate about this whole newfangled Internet thing, she morphed into a “Web Evangelist”, eventually getting recruited to work on Oprah Winfrey’s Oprah Goes Online website.  At the Oxygen network, Dixie was Director of Online Audience Development and eventually Editorial Director of  (Dixie was also an on-air personality on the channel’s daily 90-minute live show, Pure Oxygen.)


     Dixie went on to become an Editorial Director at Nickelodeon, where she created and wrote songs for Noggin’s animated hosts, Moose A. Moose and Zee. (“Bees are the buzziest, bears are the fuzziest…”) Currently Senior Editorial Director at TeenNick, Dixie is also a successful freelance writer, speaker, digital content strategist and branding and social media marketing consultant.


     Dixie lives in New York City across from the Museum of Modern Art with her long-suffering husband, 2 spoiled dogs, 4 noisy parrots, and a stuffed two-head duckling named Bobsy.  She is a passionate animals advocate, loves running and swing dancing, and is a longtime classic movie and femorabilia aficionado. Dixie’s very glad she won’t have died without traveling the world or knowing who her biological parents were. However, she is sure to pass away without ever having cooked a single meal.


Oh, and she once smuggled a pair of sugar gliders under her sweatshirt on a plane.



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